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 Our approach: From “Consumers” to “Creators”!

We believe that the “Consumer’ and the civilization around him or her is “dying”.
A new global generation and a new breed of people are gradually taking his/her’s place.
We call them the “CREATORS”.
Our approach, services, work and CREATORS FORCE new business unit are all about this new breed of humans and open source human communities (as well as to the brands addressed to them).

We are committed to support this transformation to happen.
From Consumers to Creators!
Because we humans, we deserve better… And we strongly believe that the brands and businesses who not only understand, but also actively support the transformation from Consumers to Creators, will thrive!
So if you are still using the term “Consumer” and approaching people as such, think again! Or contact us.


 Our team

We can master the left brain functions (logic, reason, rational, science, engineering…), but we believe that our strengths as a team lie in the combination of our right brains as well.

And in our determination to “Make things happen”, whatever what. Being part of the “Creator’s” movement.

If you don’t know us already you can meet us here, or – even better – you can contact us for a meeting.

 Our story

We make things happen

Providing creative business solutions
As a leading international live events, activations and production house.

For the last 20+ years
For more than 500 clients
For more than 1,000 projects
In 20 countries and 4 continents

With significant owned resources and infrastructure: (Audiovisual, technology, interactives, tech lab, staging, roadshow units and more…)
With national and international Creative Awards
With a network in Russia - CIS, Europe, Asia, Middle East

For all your business functions: Sales, Marketing, SCR, HR, PR, Corporate…


Creators Force
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