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A new business unit with a long history. Innovative projects, initiatives and content for Creators. Not ďConsumersĒ!
Join us and letís start making (good) things happen together!
Integrating your Corporate Responsibility with your overall business approach and functions
Or participating in startups and new business ventures in diverse fields such us Education, Edu-tainment, Sports, interactive technologies, themed real estate developments and more.
In collaboration with selected partners, NGOís, startups and innovators from around the world
A disruptive and creative community sharing and promoting the transformation from Consumers to Creators!
Please explore a selection of past and future projects and credentials.

 Current and future projects


Alpha Labs
The first Creator/Maker space in Greece, open for children, youth and everybody! Discover the Creator within and learn, play, explore in 4 labs through state of the art technologies such us robotics, 3d printing, media lab, design, 3d scanning and more!

Alpha Polis
An edu-tainment park for children where U CAN be today what U CAN be tomorrow!

Athlos camp
Environmental education and hands-on experiences for the new generation from all around the world

Street Food and Arts Festival
A series of events such as Street Food festivals, Roadshows, Street Art etc. in Athens and other major cities. All based on street food trend and street culture

 Past projects

Allou fun park
Concept development and founding participation for the first entertainment park in Athens

Apollonian beaches
Development, operation and founding participation for the beach leisure complex in Athens

Children camp
Design, development and operation of an innovative Children camp in Lake Plastira

Ergometric Sports for youth
Empowering children (9-16) to get involved in sports and healthy lifestyle, through an innovative roadshow and mobile activation

Fit on Earth
The first interactive expo about Environment, at the Mall Athens for 21 days, 4 categories, 9 subjects and more than 200,000 visitors

Mythos Theme Park
An innovative concept for a theme park based on Greek Mythology in collaboration with BRC and ERA


Creators Force
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