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Project management   Creative & design   Production & technology   Sales support


Our services are structured around 4 main pools of internally owned resources. People, experience, infrastructure, hardware, software, tools and more are combined together in a flexible spaghetti type organization form that best serves the client and the project.

Project management
Client service and relations
International projects
International services and collaborations (Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, Middle East)
Project proposal development
Costing, budgeting

 Creative & design
Concept development
Architectural set and exhibition design
3d Visualization
Video and post production
Content development and storyboards
Graphic & web design
Art direction
Production design

 Production and technology
Production management
Technology provisions (A/V, interactives etc)
Tech apps and innovation
Staging and constructions
Venue management

 Sales support
Sales support activations
Promotional activations
Roadshow and mobile activations
Trade marketing and special programs
Special staffing and training (promoters, supervisors etc)
Permits and approvals
Public venue management
Planning and operations
Location program development and supervision

Creators Force
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