• Yannis Sotirakos

    CEO / Founder

    Yannis likes to make things. So he created EY ZHN (and some other companies and social ventures as well�). Recently he also founded A2K a new think tank for a new global generation (Generation �Alpha�) developing innovative educational and edu-tainment platforms to empower Youth. Yannis holds a degree in civil engineering from NTUA (Athens), a MSc in urban planning and a degree in architectural synthesis (Sorbonne Paris 4). He is invited speaker in international fora such as TEDx, TiLE (Trends in international Leisure and Entertainment London), EIBTM expo Geneva, Moscow event mgt conference and more and he strongly believes in the innate creator force of all humans.

  • Marina Hioti

    Managing Partner

    Marina is the master coach and the strategic mind of EY ZHN. She has a degree in Marketing & Communication at Henley Business School in UK and a Diploma in Journalism. Over the last 20 years she has worked as a Group Marketing Manager in one of the biggest publishing and media groups in Greece as a promotions director at advertising agencies, creating and completing award winning projects. Her experience in entertainment and movie industry as the head of Marketing and public affairs department gives her a valuable insight of �what people really want�.

  • Vivi Polykandrioti

    Event Management, Public Relations and Media Campaigns

    Vivi holds a BSC degree in Media and Society (London South Bank University), along with a background as a journalist. She has a long-standing experience in event management, publicity, public relations and media campaigns. She is attracted to demanding and challenging projects, which she always handles with a great sense of responsibility and elegant creativity, as an expert in organizing and managing teams. She will never argue with you, because she knows how to show respect for other people's opinions and beliefs. She cannot live without music and appreciates a touch of 'good life' in her daily routine. Her motto is "go with the flow".

  • Theodore Lembessis

    International Projects Director

    Theodore encarnates the �mission impossible� (or possible) side of EY ZHN. With a Master of Philosophy in Economics in New York, he has more than 20 years experience in event management and production as part of EY ZHN team for more than 200 major projects & events in Greece, UAE & Middle East, Russia, Europe. Including live events & shows, public events, Olympic events and road shows.

  • Harris Kraniou

    Sales Support & Operation Manager

    Harris is a silent force of EY ZHN. Leading the Sales Support & Operation dept, he handles some of our most competitive projects motivating, coaching and training at the same time a big team of internal and external associates. He treats the brands he works on as love stories and pays attention to the smallest detail. His background in Mathematics is maybe the cause for loving challenges, providing also the ability to optimize complex situations.

  • Tiny Mandouvalou

    Senior Account Manager

    Tiny has expertise in 360? communication strategy and production development. With a degree in Marketing and Advertising from the Charted Institute of Marketing she has worked the last 12 years in major advertising agencies handling important and diverse international and local accounts and brands through award winning projects. Always with a smile, creative thinker, determined, passionate yet with great patience.

  • Effie Nikolaou

    Administration Manager

    Effie is a good vibes, multi-tasking, caring and positive person all at the same time. Bringing a warm female aura in our daily routine. Despite her young age, a mother figure for all of us. Able to perform a variety of tasks, helping all of us, feeding us constantly with new ideas that she discovers. Effie is a member of our team since� forever! But be aware! We strongly advise you better not to mess with her!

  • Panagiotis Moukelis

    Creative Associate

    Panagiotis is a man of few words and � not surprisingly - a firm believer of �actions speak better than words�. A key member of our creative department, he is the one who will make you see what you will get even before you will get it. Responsible to deliver creative visuals, 3d designs, architectural setups, sets and production designs for our projects. He has a degree in interior architecture and graphic design in Athens and has 20 years experience in design, planning and construction of a wide range of projects (from objects to buildings). His expertise includes also photorealistic design, image editing and graphic design.

  • Panagiotis Maheras

    Senior Production Manager

    Panagiotis is a maker, a hacker and a problem solver of -almost- everything! He is a senior production manager, the person behind our �Tech lab� and an active developer or co-developer of interactive apps. Has a degree in sound engineering and acoustics and has more than 15 years experience in event production and technical management. He has completed more than 200 major projects & events all over the globe. His motto is "let's do it, no worries".

  • Theodore Gavras

    Sales Support & Operation Dept

    Keep calm. Theodore is here! Because Theodore is the Buddha of EY ZHN! Bringing an air of serenity, calmness and confidence absolutely necessary for the usually tense days of work! Being one of the key pillars of sales support and operations department, he solves problems and responds to complex challenges with quick, simple and clever solutions.

  • Angelika Tassi

    Sales Support & Operation Dept

    An actress as a teenager (not so long ago ?). A member of our sales support team now! Able to perform roles both in front and back of stage. Providing a very valuable and distinctive female touch to everything we do internally and externally, playing a key role on our sales support department. She may be the youngest of our team but she�s a real tough cookie!

  • Tilemachos Voreas

    Sales Support & Operation Dept.

    Tilemachos is the rescuing hand everybody needs! Whether it is in a case of a medical rescue (with his knowledge and experience as a Red Cross volunteer), or a project rescue of any kind (with his valuable skills), or a sales support rescue assignment (which is part of his everyday contribution at work anyhow). He has been an active part of our team for the last years, doing what he does best. Rescuing us from a wide range of complex situations, while giving a hand to anybody else who needs it at the same time!

  • Manolis Thomanikos

    Sales Support & Operation Dept.

    Manolis is a capable improviser able to make something out of nothing. Like transforming an office veranda into a street food delightful �creperie� (as he did recently in our offices!). A "chef" knowing how to combine the right ingredients, at the right place, at the right time. And this applies not only for his yammy food creations! Imagine what he can do with your sales related project!

  • Panagiotis Pavlakos

    Financial Director

    Panagiotis is the �firewall� of EY ZHN. Securing and controlling all incoming and outgoing financial, legal, fiscal and other transactions with a results oriented approach (while being a pleasure to work with at the same time, as all our bank partners can verify). Owing a Bachelor in Business Administration with Msc in Accounting and Finance by the University of Piraeus, a Master in Business Administration of Baker College (USA), Holder of B Class signature, Panos counts 15 years of working experience