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To make things happen, we also use our own “things” and have heavily invested in specialized infrastructure!
Privately owned state of the art equipment and infrastructure, including a unique fleet of special roadshow and mobile units

 Roadshow and mobile units fleet
EY ZHN owns the largest fleet of specially designed roadshow and mobile units, that can be customized and transformed for a wide variety of needs and uses.
Uses include mobile stages, mobile stores, exhibition units, sampling points, training units, promotional – information kiosks, entertainment and interactive platforms, experiential booths and more
EY ZHN provides the special units, but also the full design, planning, permissions issue, venue management, attendance optimization, logistics and implementation of any mobile “on the road” activation.
All units can be equipped with the necessary audiovisual systems, interactives, power generators, branding, theming and full transformation according to needs.
Our fleet includes the following types of units:

  • Roadshow truck units
  • Trailers
  • Vans
  • Micro units (electric bikes, tricycles and more)

 Technologies & A/V

  • Audiovisual & multimedia (show control & multiscreen systems, sound systems, lighting systems, projection systems, power generators…)
  • Interactives (cyber visor stations, touch screen booths, multimedia interactive games, TFT screens…)
  • Attractions & rides (simulators, indoor & outdoor attractions…)
  • Structures & theming (inflatable domes, staging, sets, furniture, fencing, flooring, decoration items, panels…)
  • Warehouses and logistic systems
  • Trucks, Vans, promotional vehicles, cars

 Creative studio

A fully equipped studio including the necessary hardware and software needed for works related with Design, Creative, Architectural, 3d visuals, video & multimedia. Including 3d printing facilities for design and prototyping of any idea!

 Tech lab

A “hacker’s bench” to develop, adapt, modify a range of technological and interactive gadgets. Including hardware tools for special props, , prototyping and constructions as well as electronic widgets

Creators Force
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